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Our approach to grant writing streamlines the process of pre-award research, application development, and post-award management, utilizing the latest best practices and technology tools.

  • We quickly filter through hundreds of grant opportunities and create a short list that best fits your nonprofit.

  • We connect you with the funder to establish rapport and ensure your proposal aligns with the funder's mission.

  • We simplify the grant application process by creating boilerplate narratives to lower the cost of future applications.

  • We implement a cost-effective grant management system to lower the effort required for grant award compliance. 


Deliverables Provided

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Grant Funding Strategy and Plan

We recommend developing a funding strategy and plan for initial grant research. A funding strategy specifies what grants to pursue and what planning is needed to maximize success.

A funding strategy provides a clear roadmap of target grants, ensuring that grant writing is focused on grants that will yield the greatest likelihood of success.

Project PlannerA planning document summarizing the project information required for grant research and writing. 

Grant Funding Plan—A written report developed after analyzing 100+ grants with a roadmap of 5-10 target grants, a grant application schedule, and next steps.​ 

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Grant Writing

We provide grant writing services for private foundations and government applications. We apply strong project management principles to ensure we are always on schedule.

We then develop a compelling narrative, initiate funder outreach, prepare a complete budget, and develop impactful success metrics. 

Grant Applications—We write grant applications with the future in mind, organizing core content (budget, narrative, documents) for reuse.  

Funder Prospectus—A one-page brochure outlining the project needing funding. It uses graphics and design elements for a professional look & feel.

Grant Management

Grant award administration requires effective coordination, reporting, and communication. We provide grant management for clients who prefer not to utilize internal staff.  

We utilize a grant management and tracking system that is utilized as soon as a grant funding opportunity is identified.

Grant Administration—Grant awards have varying levels of requirements, but most have common areas to manage, including: 

  • Funder compliance requirements

  • Budget management 

  • Internal and external reports

  • Funding implementation

  • Funding renewal proposal 

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